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Wrong Way Jay at it Again!


Governor Nixon wants you to pay for the new football stadium for the St Louis Rams. He ignores the data that no public funded stadium EVER pays the public (taxpayers) back their investment much less make them money!

But you can let Wrong Way Jay know that you don’t support funding a new stadium by clicking here.

Your legislators and the Governor need to hear from you that Missouri taxpayers are tired of being used as an ATM for the NFL!


A Significant Victory

Today brings a significant victory for all who opposed the Missouri Department of Revenue’s unethical, illegal scanning of personal documents. Governor Jay Nixon signed into law Senate Bill 252, which prohibits the DOR from keeping copies of personal documents (used when obtaining a driver’s license or concealed-carry permit) and requires that the DOR destroy already-obtained documents by the end of this calendar year. The grassroots got engaged in a big way on this issue. Their legislators, and now the Governor, have responded to their concerns!

Many thanks to our legislative allies and grassroots supporters for keeping the pressure on Governor Nixon and his administration. This is a certain victory for privacy rights in the state of Missouri!

More MorphoTrust Mayhem: The Scandal Goes Global

We’ve now seen that MorphoTrust, the company retained by Jay Nixon’s administration to collect and retain biometric data on Missouri citizens, has some questionable service records in other states. However, it appears these practices are just part of a company-wide culture that emanates from the top. MorphoTrust is the American subsidiary of Safran, a French-owned company that also seeks contracts from foreign governments to create citizen databases. In its pursuit of foreign government contracts, Safran has been found guilty of corruption and bribery, spending millions to influence officials and leaders in other countries. Why would Gov. Jay Nixon allow a company with such a nefarious background to obtain our personal records and biometric information?

The MorphoTrust Legacy of Errors, Hold-Ups, and Scandals

While Gov. Jay Nixon stays silent on the ongoing Department of Revenue scandal,l more questions continue to arise. For instance, why was MorphoTrust, the company contracted to carry out Nixon’s record-collection policy, retained as the chosen vendor despite operating with serious problems in other states?  In West Virginia, the holdups were so terrible they impacted hiring processes and parental adoptions. In Georgia, the entire state driver’s license system suffered a shutdown, leaving the state and the local fee offices clueless as to what happened and with little to no explanation as to why the failure occurred.  Given the MorphoTrust track record, Missourians should continue to ask why Jay Nixon would jeopardize our personal privacy.

Email Exchange Further Proves Nixon’s Knowledge of Illegal Data-Sharing Practices

Denial. Avoidance. Obfuscation. More denial. So far, these have been the reactions of Governor Nixon and his administration when it comes to the Department of Revenue document-scanning scandal.

But with each passing day, the reality becomes more and more difficult to deny. Today we received a copy of an email exchange spanning from late 2011 to February 2013, in which the Social Security Administration (SSA) explicitly requests a list of all Missourians with a concealed-carry weapon (CCW) permit – and the Missouri Office of Administration (OA) complies. The OA, of course, carries out the requests of the executive branch.

Governor Nixon can no longer tiptoe around this issue. His credibility is damaged, perhaps irreparably. Missourians’ personal information has been mailed. It has been burned to a disc. And, as this most recent email shows, it has been shared over the Internet, via a file-transfer protocol.

The question is not just what did Nixon know, and when did he know it . . . but when will this end?

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Homeland Security Thanks Nixon for Complying with REAL ID


In 2009, Governor Jay Nixon signed House Bill 361 into law. This bill explicitly prohibits compliance with REAL ID, the overreaching federal act that requires citizens to provide large amounts of personal information and have the information maintained in a federal database.

However, we recently received a copy of a 2010 letter from Director of Homeland Security (DHS) Janet Napolitano to Governor Nixon . . . thanking him for his efforts to comply with and implement REAL ID. In the letter, Napolitano states: “The DHS thanks you for your State’s efforts in improving security standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards.”

Once again, Nixon has said one thing, while doing something completely different. It’s little wonder that Missouri citizens across the political spectrum are losing faith in the governor. Even in the face of a subpoena, a House Remonstrance, and a Senate Remonstrance, Governor Nixon refuses to be straightforward with the people of Missouri, including the majority who put him in office.

Governor Nixon Can’t Answer Missouri on MorphoTrust – Nixon Scandal

Why is Jay Nixon determined to waste more of your time at the DMV while risking the security of your identity and data at the same time? Nixon’s administration has already scrambled to pass the blame with the failure to protect MIssourians CCW permit information. But as we learn more about Nixon’s choice for your security, MorphoTrust we are less impressed and more concerned than ever. Why can’t Nixon answer on this scandal? Who is this French conglomerate.

Governor Nixon Issued Subpoena in Case Regarding Department of Revenue Document-Scanning

Governor Jay Nixon may deny that a Department of Revenue scandal exists – but he’ll be in the Stoddard County courthouse on May 3 giving sworn testimony about that very scandal. According to the Missouri Times, Nixon will be subpoenaed to appear for a deposition in the case of Eric Griffin, the Southeast Missouri man whose experience first raised questions about the DOR’s document-scanning practice. A one-time Nixon supporter, Griffin now distrusts the governor and his administration. Stoddard County Prosecuting Attorney Russ Oliver, who is representing Griffin in the case, said, “I look forward to asking the governor under oath what he knew and when he knew it. It is likely the only way we ever get to the bottom of this scandal.”

Governor Nixon Continues to Mislead Public on DOR Scandal

Governor Nixon has been struggling with trying to get people to forget all about the fact their personal data is being scanned, retained and shared with others. Missourians are not willing to accpet the ever changing stories given to them by the Governor and his administration because they know the truth is yet to be found.

United for Missouri has documented many of the various story lines the Nixon administration has trotted out to see if they would work. You can read about many of them here.

You can also find videos and numerous links and documented evidence regarding the ever changing scandal story at

Governor Nixon has now moved on from denial to trying to make the problem go away without fixing it. He has fired, er, I mean the Director of Revenue resigned – scandal didn’t go away. The Govenernor and his people had to figure something else out.

I can imagine the conversation going something like,

Staffer: “Wait – I’ve got it! It’s all the gun nuts that are the problem. We will tell them we aren’t going to scan their CCW certificates and they will be happy! We will still collect all the data necessary to comply with the REAL ID act but hey, we aren’t scanning their CCW certificate!”

Governor: “Brilliant! Let’s do it and move on.”

So the Governor issued a decree that Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) certificates would not be scanned. This led many, including those in the press, to think and report that no documents would be scanned for CCW applicants. That was a false impression and report! Here’s the facts:


Governor Nixon could avoid a lot of this, in his own words, kerfuffle if he would simply come out and tell Missourians what they deserve to know.

Missourians deserve to know that their data will no longer be scanned. There is no state law authorizing it and no deparment rule to implement it.

Missourians deserve to know how their state government is going to destroy data already collected and what evidence will be presented to them that demonstrates it has actually been destroyed.

Missourians deserve to know who will be taken to task for this violation of privacy and intent of the state laws on the books! The resignation of the Director of Revenue who had only been there for five or so months is not the answer. The problem is, one or more of the offenders are FOJ’s (Friend of Jay’s) and are unlikely to be punished for their misdeeds.

Finally, Missourians deserve to know that they have a Governor that they can trust to be honest and in touch with what is going on in his administration. A Governor that takes charge and responsiblity for those actions.

So far, Missourians are getting nothing they deserve!

Go to and let the Governor know you demand better from the top elected official of the state!



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A Letter to Senator Schaefer from Missouri Auditor Thomas Schweich

The scanning of personal documents continues to cause concern throughout multiple government departments. In this letter to Senator Kurt Schaefer, State Auditor Tom Schweich emphasizes his office’s commitment to conducting audits of contract license offices. Schweich adds that the auditors will be paying special attention to concern regarding scanned documents.

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