Email Exchange Further Proves Nixon’s Knowledge of Illegal Data-Sharing Practices

Denial. Avoidance. Obfuscation. More denial. So far, these have been the reactions of Governor Nixon and his administration when it comes to the Department of Revenue document-scanning scandal.

But with each passing day, the reality becomes more and more difficult to deny. Today we received a copy of an email exchange spanning from late 2011 to February 2013, in which the Social Security Administration (SSA) explicitly requests a list of all Missourians with a concealed-carry weapon (CCW) permit – and the Missouri Office of Administration (OA) complies. The OA, of course, carries out the requests of the executive branch.

Governor Nixon can no longer tiptoe around this issue. His credibility is damaged, perhaps irreparably. Missourians’ personal information has been mailed. It has been burned to a disc. And, as this most recent email shows, it has been shared over the Internet, via a file-transfer protocol.

The question is not just what did Nixon know, and when did he know it . . . but when will this end?

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