Head of Missouri Department of Revenue Resigns Amid Scandal

For weeks, Governor Jay Nixon has denied any wrongdoing regarding the sharing of personal data. He’s avoided the issue, become agitated with reporters who ask the tough questions, and dismissed citizens’ worries with sarcasm, saying he’s not concerned about a “magical database.”

Today, however, Missourians received a very clear signal that this scandal is very real, and that something very wrong has happened.  The head of the Missouri Department of Revenue, Brian Long, announced his resignation. Nixon’s office gave no explanation, but anyone who has followed the unfolding scandal at the Department of Revenue knows that Long is paying the price for what appears to be illegal actions. Plus, it must be pointed out that Long has held the position for only five months, and it’s clear that the illegal practice of collecting and sending personal data out of state began long before he joined the department. Clearly, Long is being forced to fall on someone else’s sword.

It’s time for Governor Nixon to stop hiding behind excuses and avoidance tactics. It’s time for his administration to be accountable to Missourians.