How to Protect Your Identity When Getting or Renewing a License

WWJ-Icon-C1) While you are waiting for the license office to return your information, be sure to obtain the name or identification number of the employee who took your source documents.

WWJ-Icon-B2) Ask for your scanned records back, to prevent them from remaining within the subcontractor’s office.

WWJ-Icon-D3) Ask for the name of the office supervisor, in case you have concerns later that your data was illegally obtained or shared. This information will allow you to follow up.

General Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

1)      Review monthly statements from your financial accounts. The earlier you catch an error, the easier it will be to fix the problem. Pay attention to where you spend your money, and how much you spend – this will help you catch “red flags” such as purchases from stores you don’t usually patronize, or particularly expensive purchases.

2)      Order and review your credit reports. The credit agencies TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian are required by law to provide you one free credit report per year. Stagger your requests so that you can receive a credit report every four months.

3)      Shred, shred, shred. A lot of your personal information is floating around out there. Purchase a shredder for your home, and shred documents like old bank statements, applications for new credit cards, and old bills.

For a comprehensive list of tips and best practices, visit the website of the Missouri Attorney General.