Legislative Leader Update

Review of the volumes of data submitted in response to the subpoena issued by the Senate continues.  So far, nothing has been found that indicates our personal data is not being shared in some way.  Missouri law (Yesterday’s Blog) is supposed to protect us from having our data collected and shared.  It only works when state agencies obey the law as it was intended!

We interviewed Senator Tom Dempsey, President Pro Tem and Representative Tim Jones, Speaker of the House about what is happening on the issue.

Over the next few days we will providing first-hand accounts from legislators about what they are experiencing in getting the answers We the People deserve from our state government.  You will hear and see the frustration they are experiencing in getting simple answers!

In the meantime, you can CLICK HERE to let Governor Nixon you want him to step-up and take charge in getting to the bottom of this very important issue!

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