Nixon Administration Collecting Your Personal Data

Demand an Audit of the Rogue Department of Revenue

If you have renewed your driver’s license or received a concealed carry permit in the last four years, chances are your personal data was scanned by the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) and may now be in a federal database!  The federal REAL ID Act was put in place to capture these personal records; however a state law passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Nixon prohibits the state from complying with this Act.

It was recently disclosed that the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) is in fact collecting personal data even on concealed carry permits which do not require such data, scanning it into a database and sending it to a third party vendor to issue new tamper proof licenses and concealed carry permits.  DOR is unable to prove that they have a system that insures the protection of this personal data beyond that needed for the license is being transmitted to the third party vendor, or the federal government.  The DOR cannot even prove to legislators who ask that the data that is sent to the third party vendor is destroyed according to the contract.  CLICK HERE to take action.

A lawsuit was filed against the DOR for violating state law.  You can view an article about the suit here.

When questioned by legislators about this issue, DOR personnel provided conflicting stories.  They claimed that no transfer of data to the federal government was occurring yet they could not give consistent answers to question regarding any relationship with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

At first, there was no grant.  Then it was revealed that, yes there was a grant to purchase special hole punches costing $138 each to destroy the old driver’s licenses.  Most recently, DOR revealed that not only did they receive funding for the hole punches but they also received funding to do biometric analysis of all of our pictures on our driver’s licenses and concealed carry permits!  This astonishing admission occurs at the 4:24 mark of this video.

These abuses are so outrageous; subpoenas have been issued to the Missouri Department of Revenue by the state senate for failure to disclose their efforts of collecting personal information on gun owners and all Missourians!  A list of news articles regarding the subpoena can be found below.

Real ID Act raises privacy concerns for Mo. handgun carry permit holders - Though Missouri isn’t one of the 19 states certified by the Department of Homeland Security as REAL ID compliant, its steps towards compliance is raising privacy concerns by handgun carry permit holders and state lawmakers. Read more by clicking here.
Mo. Revenue Department faces questions - The Missouri Department of Revenue faced a first round of questioning Thursday over whether private information is being tracked through the state’s new drivers’ license system. Read more by clicking here.
Missouri Lawmakers Confused, Frustrated by Dept. of Revenue Story - I am trying to keep up with this story out of Missouri regarding the state’s implementation of portions of the federal Real ID Act and the impact on Second Amendment rights. “According to Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, Eric Griffin went to his Department of Motor Vehicles fee office after he passed the application process for a concealed carry gun permit. Griffin refused to let DMV employees scan some of his documentation and he was subsequently denied a permit.” Read more by clicking here.

This issue by its self is bad enough but there is a pattern with this administration.  Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey outlines this pattern of abuse of not only providing the legislature information but the public as well.  You can here Senator Dempsey discuss those issues


We will be updating this page as new information is revealed.  Now is the time to take action! CLICK HERE to tell Governor Nixon to stop the violation of your privacy and state law and to support a full and comprehensive audit of the Department of Revenue!